About Me

Hello and welcome! As you probably read in the sidebar over there -->
my name is Jenna.

About me?

Well I am a 25 year old lady, who swears like a sailor, is on the rather nerdy side, and aims for nothing but happiness in my life.  I don't really cook. I'm the kind of person that enjoys singing and having dance parties while I clean. I sometimes get crafty. I'm told I'm often sassy. I have a weak spot for vanilla coke(seriously it's a problem).

I've had at least one blog before and ended up abandoning it, mostly just using my tumblr for a long period of time, but now I'm back with a vengeance or at least open arms. I probably have no business writing a blog but I enjoy it. I love photography, I enjoy writing, and can't help but adore the wonderful community blogging brings.

I do not drive, so my main form of transportation is walking, so it's a pretty good thing I enjoy it. Speaking of which this is my furbaby and walking partner Josie:

 She is my favorite thing and if you'd like to follow it she has her very own instagram. Trust me, follow it, it's worth it. Her favorite things include snuggles, swinging, and every single person and pup she meets.

Now I can't possibly imagine what else to say about myself so if you'd like to ask me any questions at all check out my contact page to find out how!